Feedback from “Communicate, Communicate, Communicate… Effectively”

  • “Engaging speaker” and “dynamic presenter” with “effusive style”, “group input and concrete examples”.
  • “She explained all the things.”

Robin Mandell of RobinsToyNest.com writes:

Problem-Solving Sex with Disability inspired me to keep talking about this topic, not to back down or be afraid. Mara Levy is personable, dynamic, compassionate, and a brilliant presenter. I’ll write more about Mara’s presentation in another post, but I just had to mention it here as a highlight of my weekend. Mara’s model for problem-solving sex and disability includes figuring out whether an impairment or set of impairments can be fixed, compensated for, or actually featured in the sexual encounter or experience. Plus, I was excited to discover that Mara is local to the DC area. There are so few voices talking specifically about sex and disability that it’s marvelous to have another one in this part of the globe.